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    Blazing Sabers combines engineering studies with a lifelong sci-fi and fantasy obsession to handcraft innovative illuminated swords that bring fictional blades to life. This passion for imagination inspires Blazing Sabers to keep innovating and create performance art masterpieces.

    RGB sabers utilize discrete LED modules in the hilt for rudimentary chromatic effects. Neopixel blades embed serialized LED strips for seamless illumination programming. The Proffie 2.2 soundboard leverages an ATMEGA microcontroller for immersive kyberflash generation and amplitude modulation.

    We experiment extensively with materials and lighting effects to transform imaginary weapons into functional, high-quality illuminated sabers.

    Affirmative, our Neopixel models incorporate genuine LED strips and cutting-edge sound technology to produce the most realistic customizable blade effects possible. We use premier components to emulate the sword effects.

    We utilize superior materials and novel electronics to construct the highest caliber, most true-to-life Neopixel swords. We also provide thorough customization and exemplary customer service.

    Unfortunately, we only sell saber hilts at this time. But our sabers complement any cosplay costume beautifully! We recommend checking out professional cosplay shops for high-quality costumes.

    Our passion for imagination and attention to artistic detail allows us to keep innovating and provide handcrafted sabers that excel as display pieces.

    No, the Proffie 2.2 is an extremely advanced saber, not primitive. It uses a microcontroller and open source software for endless customization. Features like color mixing, smooth swing, multiple sound fonts, motion controls, and crystal reveal sounds create the most realistic and responsive saber experience pos


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